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The LORET Group, with over half a century of operations, has gone beyond the borders of its native Guadeloupe and has operations in ultramarine territories and the Caribbean, but remains proud of its values and its achievements, with a great ambition for the territories in which it operates.

In each of our main businesses, including automotive distribution, car rental, spare parts sales, and industrial vehicles, we have the ambition to be one of the market leaders by placing our customers at the center of our concerns.

This leadership gives us the duty to be an example of a well-managed company and the right to present our achievements with pride.

We are committed to securing the future of the Group, its employees, and its partners. Consistency, careful management, and ethics are key principles that underpin our daily actions. We intend to contribute in a positive and civic-minded way to the future of the regions in which we operate, with a particular focus on economic and digital accessibility and energy transition.

The construction of a fiber optic submarine cable linking 14 islands of the Eastern Caribbean to the global telecommunications axis and the construction of terrestrial telecommunications networks in the four Overseas Departments have been a lasting and tangible contribution to the development and opening of our territories and to the progress of the greatest number.

We are proud of these bold and innovative achievements, which we have undertaken in close partnership with the Overseas Regions (Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, and Reunion), Europe and all the governments of the countries concerned.

Most of these telecom activities have been sold to leading international groups that share the LORET Group’s ethical vision of serving the economic development of our regions. In the field of telecommunications, the LORET Group remains the delegate of the Regional Council of Guadeloupe for the operation of the submarine fiber optic cable “Guadeloupe Numérique” linking Guadeloupe, Saint Martin, and Saint Barthemy to the nodes of the global Internet that are St Croix and Puerto Rico (USA).

Thanks to these transfers, we can devote more resources to our original business activities of importing and distributing cars, short and long term car rentals, and selling spare parts in Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, Reunion Island and Saint Martin.

The LORET Group is always keen to contribute to the accessibility of the islands and to the promotion of tourism, the main economic resource of the Greater Region, and is currently developing a high-end air transport activity through the company ST BARTH EXECUTIVE. This has also become an important player in inter-island medical evacuation.

Always with the aim of contributing to economic development and employment, the LORET Group is a member of the consortium of overseas investors who took over the airline CorsaireInternationale in January 2021 for the strength of tourism in the overseas territories.

Confident in our roots, strong in our multiple identities and the skills of our teams, concerned about the development of our regions and attached to a social relationship of excellence within all our companies, we are developing a profitable and mobilizing business project for all the employees of our Group, whom I would like to thank for their unfailing commitment, as the best guarantee of our success.

Denis Lesueur

Chairman of the Board of Directors