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The LORET Group has built its development based on the humanistic values implemented by its founder, Roger LORET, its president, Denis LESUEUR, its managers, and employees, with a keen awareness of its social and environmental responsibilities. The collective commitments of the LORET Group therefore reflect these values.

An essential importance is given to social relations within the companies of the Group: communication, solidarity and cohesion, mutual respect, fairness, honesty, transparency, and the professional and personal development of all employees are essential objectives.

The care given to the Group’s customers and partners is also at the heart of the Group’s values and the commitments of all its employees: to offer customers top quality products and services; to provide them with the greatest possible availability and always with the greatest respect.

The Group attaches particular importance to its contribution to the economic and human development of the regions in which it operates, with special emphasis on digital connectivity, training, regional cooperation, and the promotion of the rule of economic law.

Remaining extremely conscious of its environmental obligations and concerned about contributing to the objectives of sustainable development, the LORET Group intends to play a pioneering role in the future of electric mobility.


The LORET Group’s Code of Ethics thus imposes on everyone:

Rigorous application of laws and regulations.

  • Respect for the rules of free competition and the rejection of all illegal practices such as corruption.
  • Respect for customers, employees, shareholders, and partners, both public and private, and the protection of their data,
  • The sincerity and reliability of accounts.
  • Loyalty to the Group and all its partners.
  • Protection of the Group’s assets and all its corporate interests.
  • Strict political neutrality.

Respect for privacy and personal data

Protection and respect of privacy

Within the framework of its activities, AutoguadeloupeInvestissement handles personal data daily. The respect of the privacy and data of its customers, prospects, suppliers, shareholders, and employees is an essential principle recognized by the company. It collects, handles and stores only the data necessary for its activities in accordance with the regulatory requirements in force. Based on the international standard ISO 27001, its information security policy aims at ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.

As such, AutoguadeloupeInvestissement is committed to:

  • Non-disclosure of any personal data.
  • Report any breach of personal data.
  • Report any processing that may affect the existing security measures in place.
  • Respect the consent of the owner of the data.
  • To ensure the respect of the authorizations of access to the data in accordance with the necessary need to know them to carry out a treatment
  • To respect the organizational and technical provisions put in place for the management of the conservation periods.
  • Contact the competent authorities in any case of doubt related to the respect of privacy and protection of personal data.

Data privacy


The confidentiality of data and treatments is fundamental. AutoguadeloupeInvestissement and each of its collaborators must:

  • Contribute to ensure that the information contained in strategic, financial, marketing, supplier, after-sales, and human resources documents is always accurate and protected from illegitimate access.
  • Maintain these documents securely by adhering to guidelines to ensure the confidentiality of all information, including the archives.
  • Not to take, transfer, or assign any information assets belonging to “Company Name” without proper authorization and documentation.

As such, AutoguadeloupeInvestissement is committed to raising the awareness of its staff in favor of the protection of personal data of its clients and partners and more generally to the continuous improvement of its information security system.


A responsible organization


To ensure the respect and the management of its commitments in terms of data protection, AutoguadeloupeInvestissement has appointed a data protection officer (dpo@loret.net) who ensures compliance with the general regulations for data protection. He is the privileged interlocutor of AutoguadeloupeInvestissement with its customers, suppliers, partners, and subcontractors in terms of exercising the rights of people on their data:


  • Information and access to personal data.
  • Information of the persons during the collection of their personal data.
  • Information to individuals when personal data has not been collected from them.
  • Right of access of the person to this personal data.
  • Right of rectification and deletion of persons.
  • Right to be forgotten.
  • Right to the limitation of the processing.
  • Notification of the rectification or erasure of personal data or limitation of processing.
  • Right to portability.
  • Right to object.