It was in the lunch time edition news on Guadeloupe 1ère that Pierre-André Théodore was presented and brought to light.
Coming from a modest Haitian family, Pierre-André Théodore was not the best at school. Arrived at a young age in Guadeloupe, he seized the chance of aeronautical training…and became an engineer!
Today as an executive at Saint Barth Executive, a subsidiary of the LORET Group, he works as an aeronautical engineer and developer. He also continues to train himself in order to progress in his field.
Pierre-André has also just released a book called “Et tu peux soulever ce monde (And you can lift this world)” where he tells his story in order to rekindle the desire of young Guadeloupeans to learn and train in our DROMs.
Congratulations to Pierre-André Théodore. The LORET Group is proud to have young people of this caliber in its companies.